Hello there &

Stark One is a digital design studio. We deliver great products for awesome clients.

We are a team of creators and makers, dreamers and explorers, skiers and snowboarders with a single core idea, to craft better digital experiences through innovation, careful design and thoughtful development.

Our services

Full digital. Well, almost...

We always take new projects that are fully digital but sometimes it turns out that some projects have also have small needs (like branding or print) that are not digital. Rest assured, we always find the right guy for the right job. But for our 100% digital products, we have the same success path of doing things: we analyse, research, think, concept, prototype, design, prototype again, develop, test and deliver like no other (yes we now, but Sony ditched it :D)

For any project we take, we can deliver the following services, together or separate: audit, research, thinking & concept, digital strategy, user interface design, user experience, design prototyping,  front-end development, back-end development, Android and iOS development, interface motion design, animations.

Selected clients

We call them partners.

Every client we had became our partner and stayed with us for the long haul.